The Dreaming

A long, long time ago, I met this cute little blond California surfer kid. His name was Josh. Still is, actually. But now, he is this awesome guitar player for a band called “The Dreaming.” I am guessing anyone who reads my blog will not hear any bells ring when they read this, but for Joseph, it did. Christopher Hall, formerly of stabbing westward, started The Dreaming ten years ago and I’d say made great choice by adding Josh Volkov recently. But I may be partial:)

Joseph and I had the opportunity to drive about an hour to see these guys last night when they played near Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, we left after two songs. The night got off to a late start, and there seemed to be an extra opening band. And Hadley was with our friend back in Toledo, just chillin’, so we had to get back. But before we left I was able to grab a few sweet photos of the band, and importantly, Josh. So, Josh, great to see you and we will see you next time you are close enough to drive to!



We Got Hitched!

ImageYep, we did it! After months of preparation, and hundreds of phone calls, emails and texts, July 14th showed up out of nowhere. It came to soon. I didn’t feel prepared. I didn’t get enough time with our families.  Otherwise…It was perfect! Everyone was happy, everyone had a great time. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. For one day, the stars aligned for us, the world revolved around us, and now we can live happily ever after!


More details about our trip to Oregon to follow soon!


Hadley is Two!


June 12th, 2012

This is Hadley. She is TWO, today.

Hadley is a tiny two. she is still enjoying her infant car seat, but finally creeping up to the 22 pound weight limit. 

If we let her, she’d live off fruit snacks. she usually also enjoys dora pasta, chili, cheesy broccoli,  bananas, mandarin orange from the jar, and teddy grahams. Hadley always loves cheese and yogurt.

She loves to watch Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Blue’s Clues. She loves to read. Her favorite book is “yummy, yucky.”

Her favorite activities include frequent trips to the park, swimming, playing with her Dora toys, and riding in her big, red wagon. This little social butterfly would prefer many of these activities include friends from her playgroup. But when Mommy or Daddy try to leave home without her, there are often tears. So we know we are her favorites.

Happy Birthday, Hadley. We love you very much.



Justin turns three!


With birthday season in full swing for my side of the family, today we send our love from Ohio to our little nephew (and cousin) Justin! He is celebrating his third birthday. Hadley can’t wait to skype tonight before bedtime to wish him a happy birthday as close to in person as she can get. We are sad to miss his party, but can’t wait to see him in one month when we fly back to Oregon for our wedding:)