i am forever amazed at the new things hadley learns to do, or begins to understand. this morning in the bath, i asked hadley if she knew who we were going to see tomorrow. (my sister and brother in law are taking a trip from portland, oregon to chicago without their son, hadley’s cousin, who is 4 months younger than hadley. they are pretty tight.)

“jimbeam!” that is genevieve, one of her best pals from play group. 

“maaaaaaaaaaaaaax” was the next guess, followed immediately by maddy, his little sister, her other best pal.

i told her we were going to drive in the car to chicago, to go see auntie esha. 


“uncha jon!” yes, and uncha jon, hadley. 

“and elliot” no, elliot stayed home in oregon with grandma. 

next came tears and whining. 

after her bath was over, she gladly got her diaper on, her ice cream outfit on, and started getting clothes out. then she struggled to get her sandal on for a while. she couldn’t find the other. she grabbed some snacks, bowls, cups, her most prized possesions, her bracelet collection.

apparently, tomorrow is not one of the concepts she understands yet. we struggled through this a few times before nap time rolled around. 

i am hoping after a nice, long nap, she will forget about the whole thing, and we can reignite the excitement tomorrow morning.

yay for chicago!


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