First day of school!!!…for everyone but us.


here in ohio, kids of all ages are getting back in the classroom today, or maybe even yesterday. i am hearing all kinds of stories from mom friends about bus rides, and drop offs, and uniforms, and tears, and lunches, and photos…so, to celebrate back to school, (since i am not ACTUALLY sending anyone back to school) lilly, of i went to the mall for a little sale shopping with our sweet 2 year old girls. i think i have a lot to learn from miss lilly about crazy sales. you wouldn’t believe the deals she got this morning. i have a feeling they can’t even compare to her sweet finds yesterday.

these happen to be my sweet deal of the day. maybe of the month. i’ve really tried to be super oober careful with money lately, we are only about five weeks post wedding, and will be paying for it forever! today i justified these for a few reasons. 1. they are so unlike any shoes i already own. 2. they were only 12 bucks. 3. (and this is something i seriously think about before purchasing almost anything) i think joseph will LOVE them. and 4. THEY MAKE ME TALL!

taking tips on sales for any of the three of us, online or in store! what’s your favorite place to shop? i’ll be sharing tips and sites in an upcoming blog, and pointing you to super shopping bloggers…should you be in my blog???


One thought on “First day of school!!!…for everyone but us.

  1. Gotta love my $2 shirts and $4 shorts from JCP! I can’t wait to wear my pleather leggings. And if for some reason they don’t fit next year, they will allow returns. I guess I’ll be able to have another garage sale soon!

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