beach day playdate


coming from the state of oregon, the beach means something entirely different to us! it’s the pacific ocean. it’s cold water, winter or summer. it’s almost always cool or cold weather. the water is usually, just grey. we don’t often lie around in our bathing suits. we don’t sit in the water with our kids. we don’t really let our kids in much at all. it’s the ocean, for crying out loud! those undertows will steal precious children right from under your nose!

so, much to our delight, here in ohio we are experiencing the great lake erie. now, lake erie isn’t just one of the great lakes, it is also a really GREAT LAKE! this certainly wasn’t our first time at lake erie. while my mom was here visiting a few weeks ago, we took a ferry out to kelleys island for a day of fun. even earlier in the summer, joseph and i took hadley out to spend a sunday playing in the water at maumee bay state park. and even before that, in the cold, icyness of winter, we have explored the lake near sandusky and port clinton, ohio.

this summer, it’s warm and sunny, and these babes are having a blast out and about with friends. this week, a playdate took us to sterling state park, in monroe, michigan. three moms, four kids, and lots of fun. well, fine, i will be honest. it was only a little fun. my brave little hadley put her feet in the water like her friends the minute we were down on the beach. she even walked out nearly 50 feet into the water, where it only reached lower chest. then came a little wave, and tiny miss hadley got a mouthful of lake erie water. and that was the end of a beautiful day. there was no fixing an angry, scared hadley. she was done.

hadley was right there with two of her three friends with her distaste for beach day. genevieve might have played all day if it weren’t for three crying friends. so, my apologies go out to you, sweet vivi. i promise we will try again next year.

on another note…i had this theory that if you tire your child out by, say, going to the beach for a few hours, she will probably take a nice, long afternoon nap. this theory was foiled on this day. is there really any rhyme or reason for why our kids nap well or not poorly? i’m taking tips on good naps for two year olds…


3 thoughts on “beach day playdate

  1. I’m so glad you came out with us! I think all of the kids did well for not having much beach experience. I didn’t expect mine to go in the water at all. I, too, wish mine would have napped longer than the 15 minutes on the way home-I know they were tired!

  2. Great post Allie! I admire your honesty; living with a toddler is like going on a trip in a foreign land without GPS.
    When it comes to naptime I feel like there is this window (for my kiddos it is between 1 and 3) and if you pass that window (no matter how much energy they exerted) your child will not be napping and will be overly exhausted for the remainder of the day. Take today for example, no nap and I feel like I am losing my mind! Yep, I missed my window.
    Love the pic, it looks so inviting.

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