a geocaching evening



sometimes, you just wanna get out in the sunlight, run around in fields, and, of course, find a little treasure! if you haven’t been geocaching, you are missing out. i bet you are standing right next to a geocache right now. go ahead. log onto geocaching.com to see where your closest geocache is. i bet you’d be surprised to find there is one in your neighborhood, in the gorcery store parking lot you frequent, or perhaps a dozen or so at your favorite park. 


this summer, hadley is really grasping what is going on. we are looking for treasure. nothing makes her happier than to open a little box to find a tiny rubber lizard, or a pencil! yay! i suppose not all that quite that fun for her, but be assured, this is fun for the whole family. the gilbuenas certainly are enjoying a summer of geocaching. 


we have had the privilege of sharing our hobby with a family we met here in toledo, and heard from a few others they’d be interested in a family date night filed with geocaching. if you are one of those families, hit us up! we love introducing our friends to our fun. and like i said, it’s a family activity. even hadley is starting to spot them. so, hope to see you all soon!


love, al


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